Veterans' Exemptions

Instructions for Veteran's Forms
Please provide a copy of your DD-214 along with the application form (RP-458-a) for each Veteran owner. In the event you have had a Veterans Exemption on a property elsewhere in New York State, please ask the Assessor of that municipality to forward a letter stating you no longer have the exemption on that property.

All owners must sign the application and return it by taxable status date (March 1) of the year in order to receive the exemption of the roll year the exemption is to be received. For example, a Veterans Exemption application received by March 1, 2016 would apply to the property tax bill for January 2017.

RP458a - Alternative Veterans' Renewal with Service Connected Disability

RP458 - Alternative Veterans' Exemption Form
RP458 INS - Alternative Veterans' Exemption Form Instructions

RP458-B - Cold War Veteran's Exemption
RP458-B INS - Cold War Exemption Form Instructions

Veterans' Exemption Q & A

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