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Historical Society Museum

The Binghamton Township Historical Society is a small group of people working to preserve the history of earlier residents and founders of our town.  Our museum is housed in the historical

old Hawleyton Church on Hawleyton Turnpike, facing Saddlemire Road.  Our building is currently listed on the national registry of historical buildings, as well as on the state registry.  


Within the museum is an eclectic assortment of artifacts covering all phases of earlier life in our town, including the old telephone system, one-room schoolhouses, farm tools, license plates, antique bottles and crocks, dolls, kitchen utensils, furniture, and quilts, to name just a few.  We also have some oral histories of older (many deceased) members of our township.  We are working to make these available at the museum for study by anyone who has an interest. 


Our collection contains artifacts and histories pertaining to the Township of Binghamton, which is a separate entity from the City of Binghamton, our neighbor to the north.  If you have a query about a business, place, or person who was connected to the City of Binghamton, you would be better served by contacting the Binghamton Public Library and Historical Society through their webpage at The third item on their page is contact information for the Broome County Historian and City of Binghamton Historian, who can help with those searches. 


Presently the museum is open by appointment only.  We also open the museum when there are special community events such as the "Remember When" which is traditionally held in September.  That event was begun by those who attended the one-room schools in town but has been expanded to include anyone who would like to attend.  Everyone brings a covered dish (food!!) and there is a nominal cost to cover expenses.  More about this will be posted later in the year.


We publish and mail a newsletter to members four times a year.  Annual subscriptions are included in membership fees:  $10 Individual / $15 Family (from September 1st through August 31st.)  You can also read our newsletter issues free by clicking on "Newsletter" at the upper right corner of this page.     


For more information or to schedule tours of the museum, please feel free to contact any of the following officers:


President - Esther F. Pettengill

Phone:  (607) 669-4151 



Vice-President - Phyllis R. Hawley

Phone:  (607) 669-4186



Secretary - Frances M. Hibbard

Phone:  (607) 669-4279 



Treasurer - Kenna Lou Mills

(607) 669-4665



Because of rising fuel costs, the museum is only open April through October.  The board (officers plus anyone interested in attending) meets four times each month, April through October.  Our business meeting is the first Monday of the month, and all others are workshops.  All meetings are in the old Hawleyton Methodist Church's Fellowship Hall located at the junction of Hawleyton Road (an extension of Pennsylvania Avenue) and Saddlemire Road just after the Hawleyton Road/Park Avenue junction.  Enter from the parking lot at the rear of the building.