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Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to questions we frequently hear from Town of Binghamton residents. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.


What if I misplaced the original fine notice?

Can I pay by credit card over the phone?

Can I pay on-line?

Can I pay with a personal or business check?

How do I make my fine payment to the Court?

What is the Driver's Responsibility Act (DRA), and do I have to pay that fee? Even if I am not a NYS driver?

I paid my fine to the Court, why did I get another notice to pay an additional $300 or more?

My license is suspended or is going to be scofflaw suspended. What do I do?

What is the effect of a conviction or points on my out-of-state license?

How do I contact the NYS DMV?

How would a conviction or points affect my NYS license?

How many points are assessed? (point assessment chart as established by NYSDMV)

How do I contact the Broome County Public Defender's Office?

How do I file for a small claim or eviction?

Is there an alternative to filing a Small Claim?

What if I am summoned to be a witness?

What if I am summoned to be Juror?

What other violations within the Town of Binghamton are brought before the Court?

How much is the filing fee for an eviction?

How do I contact the Broome County District Attorney's office?

What are Pre-Trial and Trial Conferences?

Do I need a lawyer to appear in court with me?

What if I missed my court date?

What is a supporting deposition?

How do I answer my traffic ticket?

Information Desk

What is the physical address of Jackson Park (a.k.a. Town Park) on Jackson Road?

What is the physical address of the Town of Binghamton Town Hall?

What is the difference between the City of Binghamton and the Town of Binghamton?

Water /Sewer Billing

Can I shower or bathe during a "Boil Water Advisory?"

If there is a "Boil Water Advisory" in effect, what does that mean?

Will watering my lawns increase my bill?

Why do the water/sewer rates periodically increase?

If I fill my pool using municipal water, can I get a break on the sewer portion of my bill?

Can I fill my swimming pool with the Town's fire hydrant?

How can I be sure I don't have a leak in my house?

Will a running toilet cause my water bill to be high?

Is there fluoride in Town water?