Road Maintenance Contacts

Not all roads in the Town are maintained by the Town of Binghamton Highway Dept. Please check to see the list below.


Town of Binghamton Maintained Roads:

Highway Dept. 607-669-4323


Maintenance of County Roads:

Broome County Highway Dept. 607-778-2228

I'd like to remind all residents that the Town of Binghamton Highway Dept. is NOT responsible for plowing, sanding, and routine maintenance of COUNTY roads in the Town of Binghamton. Only the COUNTY is responsible for the maintenance of the following roads:

Brady Hill Road, Hawleyton Road, Murphy Road, Park Avenue, Pierce Creek Road, Powers Road, and Saddlemire Road. If you have a complaint concerning the maintenance of any County road, please contact the Broome County Highway Dept. at 607-778-2228

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