Winter Parking Ordinance

The Town of Binghamton has a Winter Parking Ordinance that states “No person shall park a vehicle on either side of any town or county highway within the Town of Binghamton between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. on each day from December 1 to the following April 1, inclusive. No owner or operator of a motor vehicle shall park the same unattended on any town street or highway within the Town of Binghamton following any snowfall of two inches or more until said street or highway shall have been plowed by or at the direction of the Highway Department of the Town of Binghamton. Any two-inch snowfall shall, for the purposes of this section, constitute a snow emergency. Failure by the operator of a motor vehicle to obey any of the signs erected pursuant to these provisions shall be construed as a violation and punishable upon conviction by a fine.” Please abide by this ordinance. It is very difficult for the large snowplows to navigate down narrow streets when cars are parked along the roadways.

Special Notice To Park Terrace Residents

There is no parking anytime on streets located in both upper and lower Park Terrace areas. Tickets will be issued to violators.

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