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Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Town of Binghamton Is Not Responsible For The Maintenance of County Roads, Such As Park Avenue


We'd like to remind all residents that the Town of Binghamton Highway Dept. IS NOT responsible for maintenance of COUNTY roads in the Town of Binghamton.  The COUNTY is responsible for COUNTY roads.  The following roads are County roads: Brady Hill Road, Hawleyton Road (Pennsylvania Avenue), Murphy Road, Park Avenue, Pierce Creek Road, Powers Road, and Saddlemire Road.


The orange County trucks look very similar to the Town trucks.  If you see an orange truck plowing a County Road, then it's a County truck.  We have not been, nor will we be, maintaining the County Roads.  


If you have a complaint concerning the maintenance of County roads, please contact the Broome County Highway Dept. at 778-2228. 



Posted by Highway Department