Bear Sightings in the Town of Binghamton

NOTE:  Our Deputy Town Clerk, Paula Edwards, is now keeping track of bear sightings within the Town of Binghamton.  If you’d like to report a bear, please call Paula at 772-0357, ext. 23.

Update on 5/10/19 – We’ve received additional reports since this was posted on 5/8/19.  One resident reported seeing two bears crossing Carman Road on Monday, and another resident reported seeing a mama bear and two cubs on Woodworth Road within the last few days.  Please be aware of your surroundings!

Posted on 5/8/19 – We’ve received several phone calls this week from concerned residents who have seen bears on Hance Road as well as Pierce Creek Road.  One particular resident noticed that a bear had clawed on her garage door, trying to get inside the garage where beekeeping supplies are stored.

First, NEVER approach, surround, or corner a bear.  Bears will defend themselves when they feel threatened.  NEVER run from a bear.  Stay calm, speak in a loud and calm voice, slowly back away, and leave the area.  If you’re at a good distance from the bear, you can yell, clap, or bang pots, and that should be enough to scare it away.

While there is not a lot we can do to completely get rid of bears in our neighborhoods, we can take one simple step that may deter them from coming back . . . remove their food source.  Bears are now waking up from their long winter’s nap, and they’re hungry critters, looking for a tasty snack.  These snacks include food scraps in your garbage, bird seed in your feeders, dog/cat food left in an outside dish, and even tasty morsels from your last steak on the grill.  Please be mindful that bears are in our area, and do your best to remove anything that would attract them to your property. 

Finally, after speaking with a NYSDEC wildlife officer, he affirmed this information to be accurate and suggested that I post the following link for additional information:  He also said that if any resident is dealing with a consistent bear problem, the resident should call the DEC directly to speak with a wildlife officer.  He then provided the following phone number which is the NYSDEC general wildlife phone number in Cortland, NY.  The number is:  (607) 753-3095, ext. 247.    



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