NYS Dog Shelter Law Protects Dogs From Inclement Weather

With winter now upon us, the Dog Control Officer would like to remind everyone about the “New York State Dog Shelter Law.”  Section 353-b of the New York Agriculture and Markets Law states that you are required to provide shelter for your dog at all times.  The Broome County Sheriff’s Dept. and the New York State Police, as well as local police agencies, can enforce this law.  If your dog spends anytime outdoors, you must provide shelter to protect the dog from direct sunlight, rain, snow, wind, cold weather, hot weather, and other inclement conditions.  The shelter must be waterproof, insulated, and allow the dog to move around freely.  The dog must be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down.

Violators will receive a Court citation and be required to pay a fine ranging from $50 to $250, as well as to show proof of shelter for the dog.  If you suspect that someone is not providing their dog with adequate food and/or shelter, don’t hesitate to call the Sheriff’s Dept. at 778-1911 or the New York State Police at 775-1241.

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